Bonjour Mon Chéri! C'est Brian!

Thank you for visiting my Official Tumblr Page. Leave a post or ask a question get to know me, or get to know me even more, here are the basics: I'm 21, College Graduate, I'm a Certified Nurse, My passions are Film & Acting. I love RAVENS! Many people fear them, J'adore THEM. Love to chat. Thanks again, for dropping by. Take care. Ciao! Adios! Au Revior!

My baby cousins❤️ Missed them so much #CousinReunion #AuntDaisyAndUncleEd’s #WeddingDay 💞🎩👰🍸🎉

#HugeFamilyReunion I missed you guys! The Grimms, The Garcias & soon to be the The Wise❤️👰🎩 #OneHugeFamBam Distance can’t keep us apart. I can’t wait for Saturday! 🙌 (at Hokkaido Buffet)

#NeverForget 🌆 09/11/01.

So #U2’s brand new album #SongsOfInnocence is already purchased for us! Download that Shizz! It’s pretty good! #Apple #FreeGiftsAreAlwaysAppreciated 🎧  ❤️

Yep, being an  Nerd! #iOS8 #iPhone6 & #iPhone6Plus

Yesterday’s Wedding was amazing! Congrats Vero and Javi! You guys are amazing! Loved your wedding! Thanks for inviting us! ✨🎂👰💍🎩🍸🎉 (at Grace E. Simons Lodge)

Finally found parking lol #CitadelOutletsLA

@gloriaaorellana✨ you’re so beautiful mom. I can’t even begin to thank you for giving me a bit of your looks. You’re a natural! ❤️

Who would it be?! I’m 🅰nxious to know! #PrettyLittleLiars #SummerFinale #AStrikesAgain

EXPECT a video for the finale of #SummerBirthdaySeason2014🎂🎉 featuring all the birthday peeps! #HappyBirthdayToYouAll🎈

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