Bonjour Mon Chéri! C'est Brian!

Hey guys this is Brian J. Garcia. Thank you for visiting my Official Tumblr Page. Leave a post or ask a question get to know me, or get to know me even more, here are the basics: I'm 20, sophomore in college. Outgoing, clever when i want to be, dumb when i feel like it, I Speak Spanish, English French and learning Italian. I'm Lazy but i still mange to do what i have to do, love RAVENS people fear them, J'adore THEM. Love to chat. Thanks again, for dropping by. Take care. Ciao! Adios! Au Revior!

My MUST see Horror Films! Just wished I was in one of them. #ThePurge #JeapersCreepersCathedral #Scream5 #Carrie (at Le Chalet Royal de Garcia)

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    Oh my God, Lili. Four movies we are gonna watch.
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